“Please don’t refuse with your eyes what the animals endure with their bodies.”

Shaun Monson


The word vegan was first coined in 1944 by Donald Watson, one of the founders of The Vegan Society. Veganism opposes animal exploitation and refuses use of animal products. Vegans refuse to use food, clothing and all other products derived from animals. You can take a stand against cruelty by supporting animal rights and freedom actions and keep up with the change by paying attention to the content of the products you use.


The vegan perspective is gradually gaining significance in terms of ending the exploitation and cruelty animals are subjected to by food, clothing, cosmetics and many other industries. Taking a stance against products containing honey, milk, fur, leather, wool, gelatin, cashmere, silk and many other animal derivatives, the vegans are not using cosmetics and cleaning products tested on animals. They take a stand against forms of entertainment such as bullfighting, horse racing, and zoos where animals continue to be exploited. The vegans work diligently to raise awareness for the freedom of animals. Individuals looking to adopt the vegan philosophy of life switch to plant based alternatives.


Animal products irreversibly harm nature and living creatures. We offer our products with natural ingredients by promoting sensitive solutions to minimize the damage.


The vegan cosmetics refer to cosmetic products free from animal derived ingredients. With the increasing awareness of animal exploitation, the revert to nature has commenced and plant based ingredients have been heavily preferred in cosmetic products. The products made using plant based ingredients instead of animal derived ingredients are among the high-performance cosmetic products.

You too can start using vegan products by rewriting your beauty routine and preserve your beauty with products inspired by nature. The vegan make-up products enable long-lasting make-ups to your heart’s delight.


In case you are wondering how to tell a vegan cosmetic product, you should definitely examine the product well. Watch out for the label claims on the product you are looking to purchase. Many consumers state that they would avoid purchases if they had known the products contained animal derived ingredients. If you are looking to prevent the consumption of animal derived ingredients, you can pay attention to the content of cosmetic products.


We offer products that do not contain formulas derived indirectly from animals and are not tested on animals. The products containing animal-derived ingredients such as honey, carmine, snail, shellac, collagen, keratin, lanolin, and guanine are far from being vegan cosmetics. You can choose products formulated with plant based ingredients such as organic oil, pomegranate extract and herbal hyaluronic acid. Our products are free from formulating agents causing ecological damage. Moreover, the vegan and cruelty-free labels will help choose products easily.

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